Legal Profession Admission Board

Accredited law courses​

​In accordance with Section 29 of the Uniform Law and by virtue of the transitional and savings provisions in Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 32(3)(a) the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board has accredited the following Academic courses

Name of Institution Course
​Legal Profession Admission Board​Diploma in Law
University of Sydney LLB or JD
University of New South Wales LLB or JD
Macquarie University LLB* or Bleg S* ^ or JD
University of Technology, Sydney LLB* or MLLP^ or JD
University of Wollongong LLB
University of New England LLB* or JD*
Southern Cross University LLB*
University of Newcastle LLB or JD
University of Western Sydney LLB or MLP^
University of Notre Dame LLB
TOP Education InstituteLLB
Australian Catholic University LLB

^ No longer offered

* Subject, with respect to admissions which occur after 31 December 1999, to completion, either within the degree program or separately, of one of the subjects listed below

Name of Institution Subject 
Legal Profession Admission Board Legal Ethics
University of Sydney Law, Lawyers and Justice OR The Legal Profession
University of New South Wales Law, Lawyers and Society
Macquarie University Legal Ethics OR Law, Lawyers and Society OR Applied Legal Ethics
University of Technology, Sydney Legal Ethics A and Legal Ethics B OR
Legal Accounting and Professional Responsibility OR
Professional Conduct 2 OR Ethics and Professional Conduct
University of Wollongong Lawyers and Australian Society
University of New England Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct OR Professional Conduct
Southern Cross University Professional Conduct
University of Newcastle Professional Conduct
University of Western Sydney The Legal Context OR Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics
College of Law Academic/Practical course in Legal Ethics **

** This subject satisfies the academic requirements for admission if a person completed it before 31 December 2008.