Legal Profession Admission Board

Notice of Applicants seeking admission as a lawyer

The name of each person seeking to be admitted to the Australian legal profession in New South Wales, and whose application will be awaiting the issue of a compliance certificate, will be listed on this page. 

List of applicants seeking the issue of a compliance certificate​

When to lodge an  objection

If you wish to object to the issue of a compliance certificate in relation to any of the applicants to be named on on that list, you must lodge an objection in writing with the Legal Profession Admission Board by:

12 noon on Tuesday 05 July 2016

How to lodge an objection

Your objection should be sent by email to with the subject line Objection to the admission of [insert name].  Your objection should specify in detail the reasons for your objection and you may attach any documentation you consider relevant.  Your objection will be tendered to the Board at the meeting where the applicant's admission is being considered. 

How objections are handled  

The Legal Profession Admission Board will first consider whether or not any objection(s) received may affect the applicant's eligibility or suitability for admission.

If the Board does consider the objection may affect the applicant's eligibility or suitability, the Board will defer consideration of the application.  The Executive Officer will then write to the applicant to advise him/her of the deferral, provide a copy of the objection(s) and allow a period of a minimum of 3 weeks for the applicant to respond to the objection(s).

 At its next meeting, the Board will consider the objection(s) and the applicant's response, and may either grant, refuse or defer the admission application.

When notices are published

Notice of applicants seeking admission will be published on the Board's website on the Tuesday following each deadline for admission applications.  Admission application deadlines are listed on the Board's calendar.

Relevant legislation 

Section 19(8) of Legal Profession Uniform Law provides that the Board is not to issue a compliance certificate until after it has given notice, in accordance with the Admission Rules, on an appropriate website of the application for admission.

Rule 12(2) of the Uniform Admission Rules specifies that the Board must ensure that notice is published on the Board's website of the name of every person who makes an application for a compliance certificate, promptly after the Board receives that application.