Legal Profession Admission Board

About Us

Role of the Board

The Legal Profession Admission Board is a statutory corporation which administers various functions associated with the admission of lawyers in New South Wales. 

Services we provide

The Board:

  • Maintains the rolls of lawyers and public notaries
  • Administers the Student-at-Law examinations (Diploma in Law)
  • Processes applications for admission as a lawyer, appointment as a public notary, registration as a Student-at-Law and various applications under the Legal Profession Uniform Rules and the  NSW Admission Board Rules
  • Assesses the qualifications and experience of applicants for admission to the profession, including applicants from interstate or overseas
  • Accredits law degree courses and courses of practical legal training in New South Wales
  • Provides certificates, diplomas, academic records and other documents to lawyers, students-at-law and professional bodies
  • Provides application forms, information booklets and advice in relation to the above services

Our vision

The vision of the Legal Profession Admission Board is to continually improve services and business efficacy to provide an accessible and affordable pathway towards legal practice.

We aim to improve client satisfaction through:

  • Providing quality, timely and cost effective information services
  • Providing accessible and equitable services, and
  • Team Work

Organisational structure

The Board is headed by the Chief Justice of NSW and his representatives most of whom are judges, lawyers, barristers and academics.