Legal Profession Admission Board


Diploma Certificate  

Upon successful completion of the Board's examinations, students are notified by the Board that they are eligible to receive a Diploma-in-Law and invited to attend a graduation ceremony held each year, usually in June or July.  Graduating students will also receive an academic transcript at no cost which will be posted a few weeks after final exam results are published.

The ceremony is conducted in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney and the diplomas are presented by the Presiding Member of the Legal Profession Admission Board.  Lecturers, Examiners, members of the Board and members of the Law Extension Committee make up the official party.  It is customary to have an "occasional address" by an eminent person associated with the profession of law.

Graduating students are usually able to invite up to three guests to attend the ceremony.  Academic dress is not worn.  The ceremony is usually followed by refreshments in a University venue.

The Board informs all persons attending its Diploma-in-Law presentation ceremony that they may be photographed, filmed, videoed or otherwise captured in image form.  All awardees will be photographed by a professional photographer and copies can be purchased after the ceremony.  By your attendance and/or by electing to take part in the ceremony proceedings, you are giving permission for your image to be recorded.  Guests may take photos or videos during the ceremony, but they must remain in their seats and avoid obstructing the view of others. 


For more information about graduation ceremonies, please see the FAQ's or contact the Board on (02) 9338 3506.