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Online enrolment now open 

The enrolment period for Term 2/2016 session has been extended and will now be between Thursday 28 April and Friday 6 May 2016. Late fees will not be charged for any enrolment application received on or before midnight on 6 May 2016.

Before you enrol

Please refer to the detailed information in the Course Information Handbook.  The Handbook was posted to Students in early April 2016. The pages regarding the Progression, Exclusion and Tuition Rules are as relevant as the pages on Enrolments as you plan your enrolment. The delay to the enrolment period will not affect the processing of Student Course applications or Rule 67 applications.

Online enrolment and payment

You can now lodge your enrolment application online. The online process allows you to choose your subjects and pay the enrolment fees (using a Visa or MasterCard credit card, or Visa or MasterCard debit card). Online enrolments will then be confirmed in writing within 10 days.

The apply online link below will launch an electronic enrolment form and payment gateway hosted by Westpac. Before you commence the enrolment process please read the Course Information Handbook and our Refund Policy and ensure that you only enrol for subjects allowed under the progression rules. Completion of this online form does not confirm enrolment and should your application not be correct your enrolment will not be processed. You will be advised in writing when your enrolment has been confirmed.

 Apply Online



Online payments offer students the following benefits:

  • The ability to prepare and lodge your enrolment at any time, convenient to you, during the enrolment period
  • A fast, safe and secured payment option
  • Immediate confirmation of fee payment
  • The ability to lodge your enrolment from anywhere with an internet connection.

The form is simple to complete and has instructions throughout to assist you. Should you require assistance in completing the form please contact the Board's staff.

If you cannot pay by credit card, please email to request an alternate enrolment method.

Enrolment Fees

The enrolment fees payable in respect of each subject consist of:

  • a tuition fee, which has been set for the Term 2/2016 session at $585.00 and;
  • an examination fee of $200.00 per subject.

The combined tuition and examination fees are $785.00 per subject.