Legal Profession Admission Board

Exam Cover Pages


Please refer to each subject listed in the table at the bottom of this page for the format of the exam paper and any materials permitted for use. Do not assume that the format or materials which were permitted in the previous semester's exams will be the same as for the current semester. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Standing Instructions

  • No calculators, laptops, electronic organisers, mobile phones, smartwatches or other electronic devices are permitted in any exam.
  • Most examinations will be 'closed book' (no materials permitted). In a small number of exams students will be able to use certain specified material.  Please refer to the cover pages posted below for specific information re permitted material.
  • Text in permitted materials may be underlined, lined through or highlighted but, unless otherwise indicated, the materials must not be otherwise marked or annotated in any way; nor may stickers or flyers be attached to them.
  • Unless otherwise advised candidates must ensure that they have the specified edition of any book or published legislation.  Editions other than those specified will not be permitted in any examination.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to share permitted materials, not to use photocopies or computer generated copies in place of originals.
  • Students must present appropriate photo identification at the exam venue. Your Student ID/library card is preferable, however a current drivers licence, passport or proof of age card is also acceptable. Students without appropriate ID will NOT be permitted to sit an exam.
  • Exams are to be written in pen, not pencil. Make sure you bring spare pens to the exam centre.

The following table contains links to accessible PDF files of exam paper cover pages detailing the format & permitted examination materials.  The average size of each file is 15KB.
(Please note, this list will be updated as and when the details are confirmed by Examiners.)

01 - Legal Institutions
02 - Criminal Law & Procedure
03 - Torts
04 - Contracts
05 - Real Property
06 - Australian Constitutional Law
07 - Equity
08 - Commercial Transactions
09 - Administrative Law
10 - Law of Associations

11 - Evidence

12 - Taxation & Revenue Law  
13 - Succession
14 - Conveyancing
15 - Practice & Procedure
16 - Insolvency

17 - Legal Ethics

18 - Conflict of Laws
19 - Family Law
20 - Local Government & Planning
21 - Industrial Law
22 - Intellectual Property Law
23 - Public International Law
24 - Jurisprudence
25 - Competition & Consumer Law
26 - Understanding Legal Language & Legislation