Legal Profession Admission Board

Non-award Study

Need new skills to further your career?

Would you like to brush-up on a subject completed years ago?
Are you from overseas and need to complete further academic study in order to be admitted as a lawyer?

Non-award study through the LPAB's Diploma-in-Law may suit you.

What is Non-award Study?

Any student-at-law that completes fewer than half of the subjects in the curriculum will not be eligible for the Diploma-in-Law.

Any student-at-law that completes 10 or more subjects and has NOT been granted exemptions by the LPAB in all remaining subjects is also not eligible for the Diploma-in-Law.

All of the subjects in the LPAB's curriculum are available to non-award students, making study with the LPAB a simple, quick and affordable way to:

- obtain new skills
- create opportunities for professional development
- satisfy Australian academic admission requirements

How do I apply?

In the first instance, please send us an email to find out if your circumstances make you a suitable candidate for study.

If you have not previously registered as a student-at-law you must satisfy the course entry criteria and complete registration procedures just like any other applicant and then pay the same enrolment fees, whether or not you intend to sit for examination in your chosen subject(s). 

Like any other student, you will be subject to the Board's rules, therefore, following acceptance for study, in some circumstances it may be necessary to submit a further application seeking relaxation of the course progression rules.