Legal Profession Admission Board

Origins & Objectives

From 1848, before Australian Universities offered law degrees, the Supreme Court has set examinations for admission to the profession. This tradition has been continued by the Legal Profession Admission Board, allowing people to study law, in the country as well as the city, and to become lawyers in circumstances where it might not have been possible otherwise.

The Law Extension Committee (LEC) of the University of Sydney was established in 1964 to assist students in their preparation for the Board's examinations. The Committee offers a teaching program in evening lecture and external modes, with web-based and other learning support services.  Lectures are given by practitioners and university teachers.  The program is not able to offer all the services and individual attention of a comprehensive campus, and is suited to students with motivation and initiative.

The fundamental aim of the Diploma in Law is to provide a readily accessible legal education and a flexible means of entry to the legal profession. The program is academically rigorous, but emphasis is placed on performance in the course rather than on high entry requirements. Further details are contained in our brochure, A Pathway to Legal Practice.