Legal Profession Admission Board

Public Notary Appointments

The Legal Profession Admission Board administers the appointment of Public Notaries in NSW. The Executive Officer of the Board is the Registrar of Public Notaries and maintains the Roll of Public Notaries. Please note the Admission Board does not provide information about the services given or, the fees charged by persons appointed as Public Notaries.

Application for appointment

Public Notaries are appointed pursuant to the Public Notaries Act 1997 and the Public Notaries Appointment Rules 1998

Persons interested in seeking appointment as Public Notaries are advised to read s.11 of the Public Notaries Act 1997 before applying for appointment.

How to apply for appointment as a public notary

  • Ascertain from Rule 2 of the Public Notaries Appointment Rules whether you are qualified.
  • Ascertain whether it is more practicable for you to apply to be appointed in April (application deadline 28 February) or October (application deadline 31 August).
  • Enrol with the College of Law (Ph (02) 9965 7000) and successfully complete the Notarial Practice Course.
  • Apply using Form 1 with attachments "A"-"E", and "F" if appropriate. Ensure that the Oath of Office (Supreme Court Rules Form 157) is completed.
  • Submit your application, with the appropriate fee, to the Legal Profession Admission Board, GPO Box 3980, Sydney, 2001. Late applications can be submitted up to one week after the deadline on payment of a late fee.
  • Submit a copy of your application to the Secretary of the Society of Notaries of New South Wales Inc.
  • Await notification that you have been appointed. This notification will arrive mid April or mid October. Seal
  • Arrange for your Seal to be made.
  • Within 28 days of appointment, return Form 3 bearing the impression of your Seal together with a note stating whether you wish to collect your Certificate of Appointment from the Board's office, or have it mailed to you.

IMPORTANT - The name of the applicant appearing on Form 1 must match your original certificate of admission. If your name has changed since admission to the Roll you must make an application to officially change your name on the Roll of Lawyers. An application is made to the Professional Services Officer, Legal Profession Admission Board, GPO Box 3980, Sydney, 2001. The application must comprise; the original certificate issued by the New South Wales Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages or an equivalent body in another State or Territory of Australia, a statutory declaration setting out the circumstances for the change of name and the prescribed fee.

An application for a change of name on the Roll of Lawyers must be submitted BEFORE the closing date of application for appointment of public notary.

Change of particulars

A Public Notary must advise the Board within 28 days of a change of address or other particulars in Form 5 and include the prescribed fee.

Certificate of Current Appointment

The Registrar may issue a certificate of current appointment to a Public Notary who wishes to evidence his/her current enrolment as a Public Notary. Apply using Form 4.

Annual Notification

Public Notaries are required to provide annually to the Registrar a notification of their current particulars in Form 6 with the prescribed fee.