Legal Profession Admission Board

Procedure to Apply for Admission as a Lawyer using Form 11

General Information:

  • Deadlines for submission of applications are strict, dates are on the application forms and the Board's calendar,however, please note that those left until the deadline are not guaranteed acceptance. 
  • Late applications will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and only if the Board has capacity to do so.
  • Copies of any document will not be accepted. Please consult the Board's policy on the lodgement of original documentation.
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)  do not satisfy the Board's requirements with respect to admission. Only applications for admission that include official Academic Transcripts will be processed.
  • Your Academic Transcript must show your full name.  You will be admitted in the name recorded on your Academic Transcript, if this name is incorrect or incomplete please contact your education provider to have this corrected prior to lodgment of your application.
  • Your Letter/Certificate of Completion of Practical Legal Training must show the same as your Academic Transcript.
  • Please read the LACC Disclosure Guidelines to assist in completing your form.
  • Please read the FAQ page relating to admission applications


  1. Download and print  Form 11 and complete the required fields using the instructions attached.
  2. Download and print 2 copies of Form 3A and give to your referee with the guidelines for character references.  Your referees must make reference to your honesty, integrity and suitability to be a lawyer.
  3. Compile your documents in the order shown on the Application Checklist and ensure that all documents are correct and original.
  4. Please post or deliver your application to LPAB office.