Legal Profession Admission Board

​​​​​​​When to start PLT​

​​If your Practical Legal Training (PLT) course is not integrated with your academic qualification in law, you must not commence PLT until after you complete your academic qualification.

However you may commence PLT before you complete your academic qualification if you:

  • have no more than two academic subjects to complete, neither of which is one of the academic areas of knowledge set out in Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015, and
  • are currently enrolled in the relevant academic subject(s) while you are undertaking the PLT, and
  • applied for and received the prior permission of the Board to commence the PLT course.

For information on how to lodge an application, see section 6 of the Guide for Applicants for Admission as a Lawyer​.

Clause 4 in Schedule 2 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015 specifies when you can commence a course of PLT