Remote Admissions

Issued: 22 April 2022

Eligibility criteria for remote admissions

Effective from 1 June 2022, the remote admission process will be limited to applicants who can demonstrate that they meet strict eligibility criteria.

·       However, until 12 May 2022 you may book a remote admission to be held on 20 May 2022, without meeting the eligibility criteria.

·       There will be unlimited places for remote admissions to be held on 20 May 2022. To book a remote admission for that date, please login to the online Admission Portal.

The eligibility criteria for remote admissions to be held after 1 June 2022 are that:

a)   you are presently located outside Australia and are prohibited by law from entering Australia (for example: due to a closure of Australia's international border or because you do not have a valid visa and are not an Australian citizen or resident), or

b)   you ordinarily reside outside NSW and are prohibited by law from travelling to NSW or returning to your home state from NSW (for example: due to a closure of a state/territory border), or

c)    you have a medical condition, or are undergoing medical treatment, which places you at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (such medical condition or treatment being one of those listed on the relevant Australian Government Department of Health webpage), or

d)   you are prohibited by Supreme Court COVID-19 Protocols from entering the Law Courts Building (ie you are not double vaccinated and do not have a medical exemption/contraindication).

In all other cases, applicants will be required to attend an admission ceremony in-person at the Supreme Court, to take the oath/affirmation of office and sign the Supreme Court Roll.

After 12 May 2022:

·       bookings for remote admissions will no longer be available in the online Admission Portal

·       to book a remote admission to be held after 1 June 2022 you will need to:

o   send an email to with your full name and your admission application number (eg ADM-123456)

o   attach relevant official documentation/medical certificate to prove the existence of your claimed circumstances.

Booking an admission ceremony

Admission ceremonies in April and May 2022 are currently fully booked.

The dates and times of later admission ceremonies that are available for booking are listed in the online Admission Portal.

Currently the Supreme Court intends to hold admission ceremonies in Sydney on one day each month (except January). Up to 5 ceremonies may be held in one day, with up to 50 places for admittees at each ceremony.