You must be a registered student

Only registered students who are not currently excluded should lodge their enrolment application online.  If you are not currently a Student at Law please go to the Prospective students page​ for information on registration.  If you are currently excluded,  please lodge the appropriate application prior to enrolment.

Enrolment in subjects

Please refer to the information in the Diploma-in-Law Information Handbook.  The progression rules state that you must complete the first 11 subjects in order. For the first 8 subjects, you can only enrol in 2 subjects at a time. After 8 subjects, you may enrol for 3 subjects.  

Online enrolment and payment

The online process allows you to choose your subjects and pay the enrolment fees (using a Visa or MasterCard credit card / debit card). 

The apply online link below will launch an electronic enrolment form and payment gateway hosted by Westpac. Please ensure that you only enrol for subjects allowed under the progression rules. Completion of this online form does not confirm enrolment and should your application not be correct your enrolment will not be processed. You will be advised in writing when your enrolment has been confirmed. This will usually be within 21 days.

Refund Policy

Before completing the online enrolment form please read the Board's new refund policy.

 Apply Online

Enrolments will only be accepted between 19 October - 30 October 2020.  Enrolments outside these dates may NOT be accepted. Late enrolments (late fees apply) will be accepted to 6 November 2020.

Last day for exam interview with examiner requests: 6 November 2020

Last day for Application for relaxation of rules: 6 November 2020

Enrolment Fees

As at July 2019,  the enrolment fees are $930.00 per subject.