​​​Exa​m Res​ults

A letter containing combined assignment and examination results has been mailed to each candidate.  

Examination Results Semester 2, 2019  


A combined assignment and examination mark of

50 - 64 = Pass;
A combined assignment and examination mark of
65 - 74 = Pass with Merit; and
A combined assignment and examination mark of
75 - 100 = Pass with Distinction

The exam script and assignment of candidates who have achieved a combined assignment and exam mark of between 40 - 49 is automatically sent to a Revising Examiner for review to ensure that the appropriate overall mark has been given.  The review is completed before results are published and results posted to candidates are therefore final. There is no remark facility.
Results will not, under any circumstances, be advised over the telephone by Admission Board staff.  Nor will they be available over the counter at the Board's office.
Candidates may apply in writing to have their results withheld from publication. However, once results are published, the Board will not make any changes to the current result listing upon receipt of such applications.