​Exam latest news

Application for reasonable adjustments

All applications for reasonable adjustments for the September examinations should be lodged by Thursday 2 August 2018.  Please read pages 33-34 of the Course Information Handbook for more information.

posted 31 July 2017

Confirmation of Sydney exam venue

The March 2017 examinations will continue to be held at:

Level 1
Wentworth Park Sporting Complex
Wattle Street, ULTIMO, NSW 2007
(Entry via Wentworth Park Road Gate)
Ph: (02) 9552 1799

New exam venue in Parramatta

The LPAB has secured a new examination venue for students located in the Parramatta area.  Exams scheduled to be held in March 2017 will now be conducted at the following location:

Ruse/Macarthur Room
30 Phillip Street
Ph: (02) 9689 3333

Lost Property

The following items were left behind following the March 2017 exams:
Sydney exam venue:

  • Size 37 grey 'Rubi' shoes

Parramatta venue:

  • Black cardigan

To reclaim your property, please contact the Board's Examinations Officer on (02) 9338 3506.

​​Important Changes to the Examination Policy

Closed book ex​aminations

The Board's Examinations Committee has decided that from September 2016 examinations will generally be 'closed book'. 'Closed book' means that the only materials available to candidates will be those selected by the examiner, and attached to the exam paper. Candidates will not be permitted to bring any written or printed material into the exam venue.

While there may be an occasional exception to the closed book policy in a particular subject, students should generally assume that all exams will be closed book until details of arrangements are released. Details of the exam arrangements for each subject will be posted on the Board's website during July 2016.

The Board's Examinations Committee acknowledges that this policy change may require some students to alter the way they prepare for exams. For those students who may have previously focused on anticipating questions and preparing model answers, the Committee encourages them to focus instead on developing a thorough knowledge of the area of law as set out in the Subject Guide, and a deep understanding of its application.

When sitting the examination, the Examinations Committee encourages all candidates to think clearly and carefully about each question, before attempting to answer. This is one advantage of closed book exams. Under open book conditions, extensive materials and resources which the candidate has brought can sometimes act as a distraction, and hinder rather than help the crafting of a concise and relevant answer.

Given the somewhat different expectations of answers in a closed book exam, compared with an open book one, examiners can also be expected to make appropriate adjustments to their marking practices and the way in which questions are set.

The introduction of the closed book exam policy reflects the need for increased attention to maintaining the integrity of the Board's exams process, particularly as a result of recent media reporting of widespread cheating in tertiary assessment tasks, and the University of Sydney's subsequent report into the prevention and detection of academic misconduct.

Cessation of publication of past exam papers

In conjunction with the closed book exam policy, the Board's Examinations Committee has decided to cease publication of past exam papers. The March 2016 papers will be the last to be published on the Board's website. Candidates will no longer be permitted to remove exam papers from the exam venue. This arrangement is common amongst university law schools in NSW.

Given that past exam papers will no longer be published, each Subject Guide will in future contain one or more sample exam questions. The Examinations Committee accepts that some students will have saved and stored exam papers which have been published in the past, and that as a result those papers will always remain accessible to candidates in the future. Candidates are not prevented from referring to, or practising with, those past exam papers if they wish. However, examiners have been asked to avoid in future the re-use of questions which have previously been published.

Personal items in the exam room

Wristwatches of any kind are no longer permitted to be worn or placed on the desk during an exam. This is because many smartwatches now look similar to standard wristwatches. Instead, all exam venues will be furnished with clocks. If you normally wear a wristwatch, you will need to remove it and place it your bag before entering the exam room. Smartwatches, mobile phones and any other devices must be switched off, and either surrendered to the supervisor or placed in your bag or under the desk, prior to the start of the exam.

The only items permitted to be placed on the desk in an exam are:

  • pens and highlighters
  • sweets, mints, cough lollies and tissues (but they must all be unwrapped and contained in a small, clear, resealable bag or bags)
  • water in a small, clear bottle with the label removed.

Other th​​​an what is described above, no food or drink will ​be permitted in the exam room. Students with a medical condition that requires the consumption of food or drink during the exam may apply for alternative examination arrangements in accordance with the instructions on page 39 of the Course Information Handbook.

​- posted 18 April 2016​​