​Exam cov​er pages

Please refer to each subject listed in the table at the bottom of this page for the format of the exam paper and any materials permitted for use. Do not assume that the format or materials which were permitted in the previous semester's exams will be the same as for the current semester. If you have any questions, please contact u​s​.

As of March 2019, the Board's Examination will be either be conducted as an Open Book or Closed Book format. Candidates are recommended to read each of the respective cover pages below, to familiarise yourself with the format and permitted materials in the examination.

Open book format means that there are no restrictions regarding the materials candidates can bring into the exam venue. Candidates may refer to any books and any printed or handwritten material they have brought into the examination room. This of course excludes all electronic devices.  We do ask however; if you have any past exam paper that were previously published, please do not bring this into the exam venue.

Closed book format means that candidates will not be permitted to bring in any materials into the exam venue, with some special exceptions (as below).

In a small number of closed book exams, students may be able to use certain specified material. Please refer to the cover pages posted below for specific information regarding permitted material. The Text in the permitted materials may be underlined, lined through or highlighted but, unless otherwise indicated, the materials must not be otherwise marked or annotated in any way; nor may stickers or flyers be attached to them.

Unless otherwise advised candidates must ensure that they have the specified edition of any book or published legislation. Editions other than those specified will not be permitted in any examination.

Candidates will not be allowed to share permitted materials once entering the exam venue.

The following table contains links to accessible PDF files of exam paper cover pages detailing the format & permitted examination materials.  (Please note, this list will be updated as and when the details are confirmed by Examiners.)

01 - Legal Institutions [PDF, 93kb]
02 - Criminal Law & Procedure [PDF, 138kb]
03 - Torts [PDF, 200kb]
04 - Contracts [PDF, 122kb]
05 - Real Property [PDF, 120kb]
06 - Australian Constitutional Law [PDF, 119kb]​
07 - Equity [PDF, 264kb]​
08 - Commercial Transactions [PDF, 118kb]
09 - Administrative Law [PDF, 199kb] 
10 - Law of Associations [PDF, 118kb]
11 - Evidence [PDF, 121kb]​
12 - Taxation & Revenue Law [PDF, 121kb]
13 - Succession [PDF, 205kb]​
14 - Conveyancing [PDF, 173kb]
15 - Practice & Procedure [PDF, 119kb]
16 - Insolvency [N/A]
17 - Legal Ethics [PDF, 277kb]
18 - Conflict of Laws [PDF 119kb]
19 - Family Law [PDF, 273kb]
20 - Planning Law [PDF, 273kb]
21 - Industrial Law [PDF 567kb]
22 - Intellectual Property Law [PDF, 167kb]
23 - Public International Law - [N/A]
24 - Jurisprudence [PDF, 588kb]
25 - Competition & Consumer Law [PDF, 184kb]
26 - Advanced Statutory Interpretation [PDF, 199kb]
​27 - Health Law [PDF, 922kb]