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Welcome to the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB)

The LPAB is a self-funding body, created by legislation, responsible for making rules for, and approving, the admission of lawyers and appointment as a public notary. The Board also registers Students-at-Law who on passing the Board's exams receive a Diploma in Law and satisfy the academic requirements for Admission as a Lawyer. Find out more about the LPAB.

Latest News

Stale Learning Update

The stale learning clause, which was approved by the Board in 2014, is now in force.  It is incorporated into rules 94 to 98 of the Legal Profession Admission Rules 2005 (LPAR).

Please refer to our factsheet for further information.


Revised PLT Competencies for Entry-Level Lawyers

The LPAB has approved amendments to its rules to adopt the Law Admissions Consultative Committee (LACC) Practical Legal Training Competency Standards for Entry-Level Lawyers, these Standards will come into effect on 1 January 2015.
One of the major changes is when a student can commence their Practical Legal Training course.
Applicants wishing to seek permission from the Board to commence their PLT studies before completing their academic qualifications in law will need to write to the Executive Officer.  The Executive Officer or delegated Officer will determine the application and any aggrieved applicant can request a review by the Board within one month of the decision.
Further information about the changes and how to make an application is available.
posted 5 September 2014
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Stale Learning - update

In order to alleviate some confusion arising from the proposed stale learning clause, the Board has approved a further amendment to Rule 95(1)(b).   The stale learning clause, as originally drafted, may have incorrectly implied that each of the courses of study listed in Rule 95(1)(b) must have been undertaken and completed within the previous five years.   The intended meaning of ‘completion’ within the stale learning clause, however, is the date, or year, of completion of the qualification referred to in Rule 95(1)(a).

Rule 95(1)(b) will now read as follows:

“(1) The academic requirements for admission are:

(b) completion of courses of study, as part of (a), which are recognised in at least one Australian jurisdiction, for the purposes of academic requirements for admission by the Supreme Court of that jurisdiction as a lawyer, as providing sufficient academic training in the following areas of knowledge: …”

The  amended rule and further information is available. 

- posted 4 July 2014

Amendment to the Rules - Stale Learning

Recently the Legal Profession Admission Board approved amendments to its rules to include a stale learning clause.   These amendments will come into effect on 1 January 2015.

The stale learning clause requires that, at the time an applicant applies for admission as a lawyer, completion of their academic and practical legal training requirements for admission must have occurred within the previous five years.

-posted 30 May 2014

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