Admissions in 2020

Issued: 18 August 2020

For the rest of 2020, the Supreme Court has dispensed with the requirement for a person applying for admission as a lawyer to personally attend a ceremony at the Court to take the Oath/Affirmation of Office and to sign the Roll of Lawyers. 


This means that no admission ceremonies will be held for the rest of 2020, and all admissions will instead be formalised remotely.


Admission bookings continue to be accepted by the LPAB's online Admission Portal. Applicants with bookings may complete the admission formalities remotely, in order to be admitted as a lawyer with full legal effect from the date of their booking. The remote formalities involve following instructions for signing an Oath/Affirmation form and returning it to the LPAB.


The LPAB regrets any disappointment or inconvenience caused by the absence of admission ceremonies. Unfortunately this continues to be necessary in light of current health advice and in order to protect the wellbeing of all involved in the ceremonies.


Occasional live stream events will instead be held by the Court, to welcome new lawyers to the legal profession. Details will be emailed to applicants shortly before their admissions.