Legal Profession Admission Board


 Government and Corporate lawyers

Prior to the commencement of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) on 1 July 2015, corporate and government lawyers in NSW were exempt from the requirement to be admitted or to hold a practising certificate in order to engage in legal practice.

There is no equivalent exemption under the Uniform Law. The intention behind this change is to bring all persons engaged in legal practice into the new regulatory scheme and ensure such persons are maintaining mandatory regulatory obligations such as undertaking continuing professional development.

However, the NSW Government has introduced a number of exemptions and transitional arrangements which will help to manage the impact on affected persons.

More information on these exemptions and transitional arrangements can be found in the Factsheet - Corporate Lawyers or Factsheet - Government Lawyers.  In some circumstances you will be required to notify the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board.  An online form has been developed to assist with that notification.  If you are required to notify the LPAB please use the form below.


​Online notification form