​​​Diplom​​a in Law course

Enrolments for Semester 2, 2023  

Currently registered Students-at Law may enrol in Semester 2, 2023 subjects from 17 April to 28 April.  See Enrolments for further information. 

Exams are held in the Sydney CBD and ten Country University Centres in regional New South Wales and Victoria.

From September 2023 examinations will be in-person. Candidates will be able to choose to handwrite their exam or type their exam on their own device.  Further details about requirements for typing an exam will be forwarded later in the term.

Register as a Student-at-Law  

If you wish to enrol as a new student in the Diploma-in-Law you must register as a Student-at-Law by no later than 1 March or 1 September 2023 to be eligible to enrol in the following term.   

Considering legal studies?

The Diploma in Law course is a pathway for entry to the legal profession.

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The next enrolment period is  17 April to  28 April 2023.

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​​Student Employment Opportunities

Find job vacancies advertised ​for our students.  

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