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September 2021 exams 


The LPAB's responses to FAQs about online exams have been published on Canvas.

The Practice Exam is available from now up until Wednesday 1 September 2021. To take the Practice Exam, you need to have provided the LPAB with your photo and ID, and installed the exam browser on your computer/laptop. If you have not yet done that, please refer to the FAQs in Canvas for further information.

We remind all students sitting an online exam in September 2021 to install the exam browser on the same computer/laptop on which you plan to sit your online exams.


Changed arrangements - 27 July 2021 Update

Please note that all exams in September 2021 will now be held online. None of the LPAB's usual exam venues in NSW will operate in September 2021.

Please read all the details in the attached PDF about what you must do to prepare for online exams in September 2021.

Information Update for September 2021 exams



Exam Venues March 2021

Sydney: Wentworth Park Sporting Complex 

3 Wentworth Park Road, Glebe NSW 2037

Albury: St. David's Uniting Church

593 Olive St. Albury NSW 2640

Canberra:   Banksia Room

Best Western Garden City Hotel

55 Jerrabomberra Avenue

Narrabundah ACT 2604

Dubbo:  Uniting Church

64-66 Church St. Dubbo NSW 2830

Newcastle: The Library L.G. 08, Glendale TAFE 

Frederick St. Glendale NSW 2285

Lismore:  St Peter's Church

53 Deegan Drive

Goonellabah NSW 2480


March 2021 exams

Exams in March 2021 will be held at exam venues. They will NOT be held online. Students will be required to attend in-person to sit an exam, with limited exceptions. All exams will be 'open book' format.

The attached PDF contains further information about:

  • the basis for this decision
  • the availability of all exam venues except the Parramatta venue
  • special arrangements for students unable to attend a venue
  • the back-up plan if the COVID-19 situation deteriorates prior to completion of exams
  • use of the 'open book' format for exams in all subjects in March 2021.

Please read all the details in the attached PDF before contacting the LPAB with any questions.


Older news

Important Changes to the Examination Policy

Open and Closed book ex​aminations

At its Board meeting held on the 31 July 2018, the Legal Profession Admission Board resolved to allow Examiners to decide if their subject examination is to be an Open or Closed Book format from March 2019 examination.  Please refer to the Exam cover page for your subject.

There has been no changes regarding the publication of past exam papers or personal items allowed in the exam room. It is recommended that students refer to the Course Information Handbook and familiarises themselves regarding their responsibility when sitting the Board's examinations.

posted 27 November 2018 amended 14 August 2019

Cessation of publication of past exam papers

 The Board's Examinations Committee has decided to cease publication of past exam papers. The March 2016 papers will be the last to be published on the Board's website. Candidates will no longer be permitted to remove exam papers from the exam venue. This arrangement is common amongst university law schools in NSW.

Given that past exam papers will no longer be published, each Subject Guide will in future contain one or more sample exam questions. The Examinations Committee accepts that some students will have saved and stored exam papers which have been published in the past, and that as a result those papers will always remain accessible to candidates in the future. Candidates are not prevented from referring to, or practising with, those past exam papers if they wish. However, examiners have been asked to avoid in future the re-use of questions which have previously been published.

Personal items in the exam room

Wristwatches of any kind are no longer permitted to be worn or placed on the desk during an exam. This is because many smartwatches now look similar to standard wristwatches. Instead, all exam venues will be furnished with clocks. If you normally wear a wristwatch, you will need to remove it and place it your bag before entering the exam room. Smartwatches, mobile phones and any other devices must be switched off, and either surrendered to the supervisor or placed in your bag or under the desk, prior to the start of the exam.

The only items permitted to be placed on the desk in an exam are:

  • pens and highlighters
  • sweets, mints, cough lollies and tissues (but they must all be unwrapped and contained in a small, clear, resealable bag or bags)
  • water in a small, clear bottle with the label removed.

Other th​​​an what is described above, no food or drink will ​be permitted in the exam room. Students with a medical condition that requires the consumption of food or drink during the exam may apply for alternative examination arrangements in accordance with the instructions on page 39 of the Course Information Handbook.

​- posted 18 April 2016​​