Legal Profession Admission Board

Booking an admission date

When can I book?

Soon after we receive all your documentary evidence, we will send you an email prompt to book an admission date.

Admission ceremonies are generally held every fortnight and remote admission once per month.  

  • Bookings close 7 calendar days before the relevant admission date.
  • Places for in-person admission ceremonies are extremely limited.  If you wish to be admitted in an in-person admission ceremony you may experience some delays.
  • There are no limits on the number of admittees who may be admitted on a remote admission date.  This may be a solution if you are unable to wait for an in-person ceremony.

Admission bookings will not be confirmed until after your admission application has been approved.

Do I have to attend a ceremony in-person?

Until further notice, each applicant may elect to be admitted either:

  • by  physically attending an admission ceremony where your admission is moved and your Oath of Office accepted, or
  • a remote process completed only by way of documents.

When are admissions scheduled?

Until further notice:

  • in-person admission ceremonies in Sydney fortnightly from 4 February 2022 to 25 March2022 and remotely via dates published from time to time on the Board's calendar

How do I book an admission ceremony?

Use the online Admission Portal to book the available date and time of your choice.

How do I book a remote admission?

Use the online Admission Portal to book the available date and time of your choice

Can I change my booking after it has been made?

Please choose your admission date carefully.  If you change your mind, you will need to contact us and pay a prescribed fee to change the time and/or date of your admission.

If you contact us to make a change within 7 calendar days of the date of your booked admission, you will also need to pay a prescribed fee for a replacement Certificate of Admission, because all certificates contain the date of admission.

When will my booking be confirmed?

Your booking will be confirmed after your admission application has been approved.

If you book into an admission date and your admission application has not been approved by 7 calendar days prior to that date, your booking will be automatically cancelled, due to our lead times for preparations including the printing of certificates.

If your booking is automatically cancelled, you will receive an email notification, and you will need to re-book into a later admission date.

Effect of public health orders on ceremonies

In-person admission ceremonies currently have conditions required under public health orders:

  • the number of guests is capped at 3, including your mover
  • all admittees and their guests must be double vaccinated
  • masks must be worn at all times in the court

However, depending on the nature of the public health orders in place on the relevant date, it is possible that any in-person ceremony may:

  • be cancelled, or
  • proceed but with a reduced number of places for admittees and guests, or
  • be switched to a virtual ceremony held via live stream, without any admittees physically attending the Supreme Court.

If your ceremony booking becomes affected by public health orders, we will notify you by email and advise you of your options. Generally those with affected bookings will have the option to choose between remote admission, a virtual ceremony if available, or re-booking an in-person ceremony that is scheduled for a later date.


For further information, refer to Section 13 of our Guide for Applicants for Admission.